Better Buckthorn Uses

Friday, February 25, 2005

Wild Things Conference 2-26-05 Presentation notes

Better Buckthorn Uses: Creative Revisioning in Invasive Plant Management
ABSTRACT: Invasive species can be used for many practical and artistic purposes. For instance, buckthorn has been turned into attractive fencing, furniture, sculpture and even kitchen utensils. Exploring and extending these options can increase public awareness of the nature of invasives and bring new enthusiasm to the restoration process. A panel of artisans will present their experiences and offer related ideas for better integrating ecological, sustainability and cultural concerns with restoration. Presented at the CW Wild Things Conference, 2-26-05. Track - Building the Conservation Community
PANELISTS: Panelists: (in order of appearance) and the uses presented
Rael Bassan , 773-907-1465, Coordinator, Chicagoland Urban Permaculture, Chicago.
- edibles, mushrooms, natural building uses, fencing
Tor Faegre , 847-869-1969. Artist, Evanston. - furniture, sculptures, structures, building components
Sean Shaffer , W 312-744-5472. Education Naturalist, North Park Village Nature Center , Chicago.
- toys, picture frames, ink pad, dyeing, folding stool, ID necklace, award badge, spoon/bowl burning
Judy Speer , 815-648-1372. Owner, Small Waters Gathering Center, Harvard, IL
- heating, home d├ęcor, wildcrafting

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